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Progressive Series & Challenges

Progressive Series & Challenges

Check out these different series for whatever you need!

Progressive Series & Challenges
  • 7 Day Calm and Reset Challenge

    7 items

    Welcome the New Year with an invitation to reset your nervous system and easing (instead of pushing) into the new year! Let go of what doesn’t serve you and embrace a year of calm where you are able to flow with the ups and downs of your life. After you complete this challenge you will feel groun...

  • Mantra Vinyasa Series with Vance Vlasek

    5 items

    In this 5-part mantra series with Vance Vlasek, dive deeper into yoga philosophy with mantras (repeating phrases to aid in meditation/manifestation) as you move and breathe through flows in every class. Each class is a different mantra, different intention, and no matter where you are in your pra...

  • Effortless Meditation Series with Scott Schwenk

    6 items

    Each class with Scott Schwenk will unpack and practice key skill sets for entering and deepening a living meditation practice. Each session is an empowerment; an energetic boost to our capacity for not only recognizing and becoming stable in more expanded consciousness, but also leading us to liv...

  • Ecstatic Breathwork Series with Scott Schwenk

    6 items

    This breathwork series with Scott Schwenk combines ancient rhythmic breathing with playlists designed to have you soaring. This powerful practice balances the brain and nervous system, clears out stuck emotional energy, expands insight/intuition, and opens the heart—a regular reset for your life.

  • The Glow Method Series by Kaylie Daniels

    36 items

    The Glow Method combines the best parts of vinyasa yoga and strength training to create a practice that challenges not only your body, but your mind. Each class is designed to bring your body to its edge; encouraging growth, while leaving your mind feeling relaxed when you step off of the mat.


  • Functional Mobility Series with Kim Colletti

    54 items

    Support your flexibility with functional mobility to strengthen the muscles around your joints in your yoga, daily activities, and more! Improve shoulder tension, back pain, hip pain with Kim Colletti in this series exploring intelligent body movements.

  • 14 Day Detox Challenge

    15 items

    Need a cleanse and detox? Get ready for 14 days of DETOX to strengthen your body + mind. You'll flow with some twisty vinyasa classes, sweat with some YogaSculpt and HIIT classes, and stretch with some flexibility/recovery classes. Sweat, twist, and wring your body out from all the physical and e...

  • 5 Day The Climb HIIT Series with Kate Alvarado

    6 items

    Welcome to our 5-day HIIT challenge with Kate Alvarado! Build strength, stability, and cardiovascular health to supplement your yoga practice with high intensity interval training. This series mixes dynamic yoga postures, cardio, and weight training with moments of pause and lots of breath. Weigh...

  • Practice in Gratitude Playlist

    14 items

    Curated yoga flows to open your heart in gratitude to all that you have already.

  • Peak Posture Series with Liz Biscevic

    6 items

    Striving for those insta-worthy postures? These fast-paced flows with Liz Biscevic work to engage specific muscles and set you up to practice peak postures. Work your way up to each peak pose from the ground up in each class. From twists, arm-balances, backbends, and more - expect to sweat, flow,...

  • 21 Day Sculpt & Yoga Challenge

    24 items

    For three weeks you'll alternate between YogaSculpt with Missy Fresques, HIIT Yoga with Kate Alvarado, and Vinyasa Flow with Hiro Landazuri. These 30-minute classes will work your entire body, challenge your edge and endurance, and (more importantly) let you find that deep motivation within yours...

  • Intro to Body Smart Yoga Series

    5 items

    Like your IQ score, the BQ score measures your intelligence, but this time it's your body's intellect you're testing. This series from Hiro Landazuri helps you cultivate a deeper sense of strength and flow in your body and mind through mobility drills, vinyasa, and never before seen variations of...

  • National Yoga Month Playlist

    14 items

    In honor of September National Yoga Month, here are curated classes for you to enjoy! When it comes to yoga, there's no better way to experience the benefits than grabbing your mat (or your floor) and getting into your practice. From vinyasa to meditation to yoga sculpt, there's something for eve...

  • 14 Days of Yoga for Beginners Series with Mary Ochsner

    14 items

    Intimidated by yoga? Look no further. In this 14-day series with Mary Ochsner, you’ll learn the basics of vinyasa yoga—from how to do downdog and yoga breathing, to sun salutations and backbends, to how to use props and intro to vinyasa flow.

    Day 1: Alignment Basics
    Day 2: Body and Breath
    Day 3:...

  • Fuel The Movement Playlist

    6 items

    Flow, meditate, and reconnect with yourself.

  • Wrist-Free Mobility Series with Brad Terrell

    4 items

    Wrist worries? No problem. Practice yoga without putting pressure on your hands and wrists.

  • Strengthen and Lengthen Series with Martina Rando

    5 items

    In Martina Rando’s signature series, Strengthen and Lengthen, she combines muscle work and flexibility to get you deeper into your body.

  • ABC's of Inversions Series with Andrew Sealy

    5 items

    Prep your body for arm balances, handstands, and advanced transitions with Andrew Sealy in this ABC's of Inversions Series.