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Practice in Gratitude Playlist

Practice in Gratitude Playlist

Curated yoga flows to open your heart in gratitude to all that you have already.

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Practice in Gratitude Playlist
  • Awakening and Strengthening Vinyasa with De'andre Sinette

    Flow to this intermediate-advanced power vinyasa by De'andre for all of your senses!

  • Hips and Heart: Gratitude Flow with Mary Ochsner

    Bend, stretch, and balance through this gratitude themed flow.

  • Backbends and Shoulders: Strengthen and Lengthen Series with Martina Rando

    In Martina Rando’s signature series, Strengthen and Lengthen, she combines muscle work and flexibility to get you deeper into your body. In this breath to movement flow, you’ll sweat, stretch, and find space in your shoulders that set you up for peak backbends. Backbends are chakra cleansers, whi...

  • Grateful for the Journey: 14 Days of Yoga for Beginners with Mary Ochsner

    Flow breath to movement through all the postures you’ve learned throughout the series, focusing on breathwork, alignment, and gratitude. Now that you have the foundation, this is just the beginning!

  • Loving Flow with Vance Vlasek (Instagram Live)

    Bring a little joy into your day with this moderate heart and hip opening flow with Vance Vlasek. Be prepared to giggle and think about Love!

    Spotify playlist:

    Live on 9/13/20

  • Heart Opening & Arm Balances Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy (LIVE)

    This 45 min feel good class is sequenced specifically to give you the fundamental steps to finding balance and stability on your hands. We will build strength and find length as we work our arms and open our hearts. Join Andrew Sealy in this fun balancing flow accessible to All Levels.

    Live Cla...

  • Hips and Heart Vinyasa with Roxanne Gan (LIVE)

    Flow breath to movement with Roxanne Gan as she leads us through upbeat sequences that build towards hip-opening peak postures. This is an all-levels class. Make sure you have the playlist ready before class:

    Live Class 5/21/20

  • True Meditation: Effortless Meditation Series with Scott Schwenk (LIVE)

    What is Meditation, truly? Discover your connection to meditation in this class.

    Each class with Scott Schwenk will unpack and practice key skill sets for entering and deepening a living meditation practice. Each session is an empowerment; an energetic boost to our capacity for not only recogniz...

  • Core and Camel: Peak Posture Series with Liz Biscevic

    Second class of this series of peak posture flows with Liz Biscevic! In this 40 minute class, you'll work on your core and flow through heart openers, prepping for camel pose. Get ready to flow, sweat, and open your heart!

  • Core and Heart: Happiness Flow with Mary Ochsner

    Brighten up your day with this 15-minute vinyasa full of classic postures, core work, and backbends

  • Balance and Flow: YogaSculpt with Missy Fresques

    Get ready to sweat! In this 45 minute Yoga Sculpt Class with Missy Fresques, you will be guided through a series of yoga postures as well as strength-training movements to help build lean muscle. Set to an energetic and up-beat playlist, this class incorporates cardio bursts to get your heart pum...

  • Feel Good Flow with Andrew Sealy (LIVE)

    Led by Andrew Sealy, this feel good flow is all about finding joy through the heart. Using a simple, easy-to-follow sequence coupled with lively music, you'll move through heart openers, spine lengtheners, and feel good poses designed to boost your mood and ignite a sense of happiness and vibranc...

  • Flow into Backbends with Melini Jesudason

    Move energy and open your heart with dynamic spinal lengthening, core work, and backbends. In this full body workout, you'll flow through poses designed to strengthen your core and legs and open your shoulders and hips, building your way up to a peak backbend series that will test your flexibilit...

  • Upgrade Your Life: Ecstatic Breathwork Series with Scott Schwenk (LIVE)

    Open your heart, receive clear vision, and tap into your inner flow state in this breathwork class.

    This breathwork class with Scott Schwenk combines ancient rhythmic breathing with playlists designed to have you soaring. This powerful practice balances the brain and nervous system, clears out s...