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Pre-Natal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart

Pre-Natal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart

This Prenatal series will inspire us to safely keep moving through each trimester while we nurture our growing baby and trust our body and mind's capabilities. I am currently in my second trimester and am thrilled to take this whole-hearted journey together. Pregnancy is such a personal experience and I believe Yoga can go hand in hand with whatever that unique experience is for you. We are intuitive beings so making wise and appropriate modifications to your practice to best support what feel’s good for you each day is essential. We’ll feel compelled to stay peacefully in flow with our changing emotions, bodies, and keep in mind to listen to any guidance we’ve received from our doctors. The safety of you and your baby are the most important things. We’ll incorporate a bolster, blanket, blocks and a strap into our sequences, if you don’t have these, look for things around your home that can work and consider this your mama tool kit. This series is an opportunity to get the well rounded benefits of serving our highest self, using the vehicles of our mind, body, spirit connection to support our intentions as we prepare for birth and lean into Motherhood. Let’s get empowered by our intuition, joy, acceptance, compassion, gratitude and the true miracle of creating and bringing life into this world.

Professional dancer, actress, Andrea Bogart fell in love with yoga over the last decade for its incredible life-transforming qualities. With over 300 hours of teacher training, leading numerous events and thousands of classes and private sessions in Los Angeles since 2011, she has developed a niche for creating joyful classes for everyone’s needs. Becoming a wife and mama moved her life to Sonoma, CA in 2017 where she continues to actively lead yoga and meditation sessions of all types; corporate retreats, self-care events, classes, privates and mindful curated experiences. Andrea has been safely guiding mama’s through pregnancies and encouraging the whole hearted approach as she sees the benefits far beyond just the physical body. She credits her own practice and commitment to teaching throughout her first natural pregnancy and second IVF pregnancy as the guiding light keeping her deeply connected to herself and baby during their journey together. She welcomes all yogi’s, potential mama’s and pregnant mama’s to her uplifting, empowering and fun flowing prenatal class series.

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Pre-Natal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart
  • Prenatal Yoga Series Introduction with Andrea Bogart

    Watch this introduction with Andrea before beginning your journey!

  • Introduction to Prop Use & Suitable Modifications with Safety Considerations

    You and your growing babies safety is a number one priority so let’s chat about using our props and making those suitable modifications for safety through each of our trimesters. As I mentioned in our introduction we want to have our mama tool kit with a bolster, blocks, strap, blanket or similar...

  • Mindful Meditation & Movement Embodying Your Pregnancy Journey: Prenatal Series

    Class 1: This session with Andrea will empower you through a guided meditation to breathe, visualize, support and connect to your growing baby and body with gratitude. We’ll move through some gentle seated postures that will nourish, replenish and ground us in our bodies and minds. Let this quiet...

  • Mama Daily Drop In: Prenatal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart

    Class 2: Welcome to a whole-hearted practice inspiring the fullness of our mind, body, baby connection. As we tune into our breath that richness will guide us through what feels good in our bodies creating ease and comfort. We’ll start on the floor and work our way up to a few standing poses inco...

  • Re-Energize Your Glow: Prenatal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart

    Class 3: It’s hopeful that in your second trimester you may be feeling a bit more energized. This practice is designed to elevate and embrace movement, strength and joy– mindfully with modifications and prop use. Listen closely to how you feel in this practice and always give yourself permission ...

  • Happy Hips & Pelvic Floor: Prenatal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart

    Class 4: Creating a happy relationship with our pelvic floor is even more essential through pregnancy and postnatal. Our awareness in our breathwork gives us the ability to strengthen, soften and stabilize our pelvic floor in many of our postures. Expect some yummy hip openers and supportive ways...

  • Feel It All Mama: Prenatal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart

    Class 5: You did it mama’s! Let this be the session that invigorates all the wisdom you’ve confidently cultivated and allow it naturally flow through you bringing you peace and joy. This well-rounded practice will have elements of each of the previous 4 sessions celebrating your commitment to a h...

  • [BONUS] Additional Rest & Restorative: Prenatal Yoga Series with Andrea Bogart

    [BONUS] Class 6: I couldn’t let us get out of this series without providing us with some delicious ways to rest and restore. Restorative postures will help calm our central nervous system and can support the reduction of stress, fear and any anxiety we may be feeling. We’ll soothe our mind, body,...