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Learn from world-renowned teachers.

  • Missy Fresques

    57 items

    Missy’s teaching journey started in her hometown, Boulder Colorado, where she obtained her 200hr Yoga Certification and Yoga Sculpt Certification. Missy was drawn to Yoga Sculpt when she found that vinyasa-style yoga can be combined with high-intensity workouts. By introducing weights and cardio ...

  • Mary Ochsner

    28 items

    Mary is an online yoga teacher who loves to make classes that are fun and leave you feeling happy with a huge smile on your face! It’s her goal to make this practice something that you love and look forward to each day!

  • Kaylie Daniels

    40 items

    I found yoga - or better yet yoga found me...
    at a point in my life when I needed it.

    I was 16. I had spent the last few years battling a terrifying eating disorder, and needless to say… I was unhappy and anxious a lot of the time. I was living out of tune with my body, and I didn’t know how to ...

  • Andrew Sealy

    24 items

    Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator. Through the unique practice of Yoga and mindful living, Andrew embodies progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students worldwide. Andrew’s teachings aim to answer the question: How can we...

  • Christine Anderson

    58 items

    Christine is a yoga teacher, bodyworker and teacher trainer based in Austin, Texas. Anderson specializes in teaching everything from Adaptive, Nidra, and Restorative yoga to powerful Vinyasa flows and Ashtanga.

  • Marisa Moonbeamz

    7 items

    Marisa comes from a family of yogis in Dallas, Texas. Her journey started at the age of 6 when her parents started bringing her to yoga classes. Ever since then there has been a steady increase in her practice. Around the age of 16 yoga took on a more disciplined role in her life and has been roo...

  • Max Lowenstein

    9 items

    Breathwork Teacher. Expander. Meditation. Co-founder of How to Practice Yoga. Leading transformational experiences.

  • Hiro Landazuri

    20 items

    Hiro is internationally-recognized as a teacher of teachers whose teachings are anchored in his experience in medicine and emotional intelligence. He has become a leader in physiology-focused yoga called Functional Flow and Body Smart Yoga and shares his philosophy of overcoming self-limiting bel...

  • Scott Schwenk

    15 items

    A hybrid of laser-like practicality and cutting-edge visionary insight, Scott Schwenk has been catalyzing the inner evolution and leadership development of individuals, relationships, and larger groups and organizations for over 25 years. His work and teaching is a blend of stillness, unexpected...

  • Martina Rando

    9 items

    Martina is a Vinyasa and Hatha yoga 500 RYT. Her mission is to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible using a balanced mix of structure and freedom. Her method is based on three main pillars: strength, mobility and flexibility.

  • Kate Alvarado

    19 items

    Meet our HIIT Instructor, Kate, who has her 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training! Kate's classes are filled with fire, athleticism, but also allow you an opportunity to move into the tenderness in the body.

  • Allison Waldbeser

    77 items

    Allison received her power vinyasa and sculpt certifications in 2018 and has been teaching ever since in both San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, CA.

    Through her classes, you’ll quickly learn that the mind-body-connection runs deeper than we think and the power of breath is healing.

    Allison loves c...

  • Roxanne Gan

    9 items

    Roxanne has been practicing Yoga for more than a decade and is a renowned Fitness and Yoga Instructor based in Singapore. She is the co-founder of ZOI YOGA, an online community where she shares her knowledge and passion for the practice.

  • Liz Biscevic

    15 items

    For Liz, yoga is a game where the mental and physical get to play. Her flows are designed to get you out of your head and into your body.

    When she's not practicing or teaching yoga, find her writing, hiking, or enjoying cozy time with her family.

  • Brad Terrell

    10 items

    Teacher of yoga, movement and mobility. After a childhood knee injury from sports, he used yoga to recover and it transformed his practice into a lifestyle. He now teaches what his disciplines have taught him while always making his classes fun, practical and accessible for beginners.

  • Kim Koa
    67 items

    Kim Koa

    67 items

    Born and raised in Connecticut, attending college in Boston Massachusetts and eventually leading a life working on motor yachts in FL has been an incredible experience. Little did I know these chapters were all connected.

    Everyone begins their yoga journey for different reasons, and I began it ...

  • De'Andre Sinette

    12 items

    DeAndre Sinette aims to bring his students softness and strength through his vinyasa yoga and meditation classes. Having started out “stiff as can be,” De’Andre has mastered the art of yoga for both flexibility and strength.

  • Melini Jesudason

    19 items

    Melini has spent decades training under the best teachers in the world and has become well known internationally for her handstand, flexibility and mobility programs. She has been featured on many lists as one of the Best Yogis on Intstagram for her account @meliniseri.

  • Vance Vlasek

    7 items

    Vance has received over 500hrs of certifications in Yoga and mindfulness trainings from Laughing Lotus (NYC), Light On Lotus (LA), Katonah Yoga (NYC), Wanderlust (Hollywood), and 305 Yoga (Miami). He teaches studio classes in Southern Los Angeles at the aforementioned studios, Equinox, and The Gr...

  • Peter Walters

    19 items

    Peter is a kind, lovable yoga teacher from San Francisco. His classes are dynamic, magical, and full of his infectious personality. Peter is a Bhakti Yogi, which means his classes are juicy, joyful, and set to amazing uplifting music.

  • Danielle Havens

    16 items

    As both a registered nurse and a dancer, Danielle Havens has always had a passion for creative movement, health & wellness. Danielle took her first barre class in 2014 and instantly fell in love with the practice. She was drawn to the combined elements of ballet, pilates, yoga, and musicality and...

  • Andrea Bogart

    28 items

    Professional dancer, actress, Andrea Bogart fell in love with yoga over the last decade for its incredible life-transforming qualities. With over 300 hours of teacher training, leading numerous events and thousands of classes and private sessions in Los Angeles since 2011, she has developed a nic...

  • Paul Teodo

    4 items

    Paul is a yoga and meditation teacher and a musician from Chicago who has taught over 3,000 yoga classes in the last 5 years. He was voted LA’s #1 teacher by CultureTrip in 2016, a distinction he dubiously accepted. Paul is now one of the leading teachers at the Yoga Barn in Bali.

  • Maria Margolies

    15 items

    Yogini. Mystical Traveler. Mother. Spirit Surfer. Plant Obsessed. Healer. Consciousness Awakener. Cosmic Dancer. Eternal student. Sacred Activist.

    - - -

    Maria Margolies is an experienced yoga teacher, certified health coach, collaborator and Founder of Holixtic, a brand that generates yoga and...