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National Yoga Month Playlist 2021

National Yoga Month Playlist 2021

In honor of September National Yoga Month, here are curated classes for you to enjoy! When it comes to yoga, there's no better way to experience the benefits than grabbing your mat (or your floor) and getting into your practice. Happy practicing!

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National Yoga Month Playlist 2021
  • Love and Connection: Bhakti Vinyasa with Christine Anderson (LIVE RECORDING)

    A heart-centered practice infused with steady alignment and dynamic movement. Expect love, light and nourishment for body and soul. Flow through strong vinyasas with optional arm balances/inversions.

    [In partnership with East West Live]

  • Energizing Vinyasa: Glow Flow with Kaylie Daniels

    Join Kaylie in this flow-y and dynamic energizing vinyasa to start your morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up! No equipment needed.

  • Hips and Heart: Bhakti Flow with Peter Walters (LIVE RECORDING)

    Open your hips & heart in this bhakti devotional flow with Peter! Be prepared to laugh, release, and tune into your Self.

    Friday classes are, well, YAY! We celebrate the culmination of a full week of all of our stuff and celebrate the arrival of the weekend. Our Fri-Yay classes are celebratory,...

  • Side Body Flow: Vinyasa with Allison Waldbeser

    Join Allison on the mat to cultivate positive energy from within. In this 30 minute vinyasa flow, you’ll stretch and strengthen the obliques with side bends, oblique crunches, and twists.

    Save the playlist for class and follow along:

  • Full Body: Mobility Flow with Kim Colletti

    Get ready for a quick full body mobility flow with Kim! Work on activating your hips, shoulders, and core in this 30 minute class to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Playlist:

  • Meet Your Hamstrings: 14 Days of Yoga for Beginners with Mary Ochsner

    This class focuses on stretching the hamstrings. After a short flow, you’ll learn the foundation and alignment for pyramid pose and half-moon pose.

  • Quick Core Burn with Maria Margolies

    Welcome to a quick core burn with Maria! A strong core is not only important for your yoga practice, but also for your whole life! Benefits of a strong core: preps for inversions, balancing postures, stabilizes your spine, and prevents injury.

  • Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow with Missy Fresques (Instagram Live)

    Open your heart in this feel good vinyasa with Missy Fresques! Grab a towel, block, or anything else you may need.

  • Awakening and Strengthening Vinyasa with De'andre Sinette

    Flow to this intermediate-advanced power vinyasa by De'andre for all of your senses!

  • I Am: Mantra Vinyasa Series with Vance Vlasek

    So Hum: I am that, that I am. Join Vance in the 5th and final class in our mantra series! Explore the unlimited potential of your multidimensional self as you move, breathe, and flow through backbends and sequences.