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Brad Terrell

Brad Terrell

Teacher of yoga, movement and mobility. After a childhood knee injury from sports, he used yoga to recover and it transformed his practice into a lifestyle. He now teaches what his disciplines have taught him while always making his classes fun, practical and accessible for beginners.

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Brad Terrell
  • Front Splits: Vinyasa Flow with Brad Terrell

    Splits require flexibility, mobility, and strength in your hamstrings, hips, glutes, and IT band. Whether you’ve attempted splits once or a hundred times, this flow gives you the tools you need to go deeper into your muscles than you ever have before.

  • Ground Down: Wrist Free Flow with Brad Terrell

    Don’t let a wrist or upper body injury keep you from your yoga practice: Whether you’ve had a long day at the office or spent your day running around, this 20-minute, hands-and-wrist-free flow is for you.

  • Energize: Wrist Free Flow with Brad Terrell

    Don’t let a wrist or upper body injury keep you from your yoga practice: Work your legs, core, and breath in this energizing, wrist-free workout.

  • Backbend Drills for Beginners with Brad Terrell

    Challenge your flexibility safely with drills designed to lengthen and stretch your back, shoulders, and chest.

  • Middle Splits: Vinyasa Flow with Brad Terrell

    In this class, you’ll flow breath to movement through postures designed to build greater strength and flexibility in your hips and hamstrings. The class comes to a head with the peak pose, middle splits. Appropriate for all levels, this class is tailored for those looking to increase flexibility ...

  • Beginner Inversions with Brad Terrell

    Ready to go upside down? Join Brad Terrell for a 15-minute class dedicated to your inversion practice. This full body workout includes drills geared towards strength and flexibility needed to get into headstands, forearm stands, and handstands.

  • Get Balanced: Wrist-Free Flow with Brad Terrell

    Don’t let a wrist or upper body injury keep you from your yoga practice: This class challenges your balance both in dynamic drills and static postures and works your legs, core, and concentration. There's no high planks, ground work, or wrist and shoulder movement required, so it's perfect for an...

  • Arm Balancing for Beginners with Brad Terrell

    Work on some beginner arm balances like L-sit and Crane with Brad! Arm balances aren't just about arm strength - core and leg strength are important components as well!

  • Abs and Core with Brad Terrell

    Want to progress in your arm balances, inversions, strong vinyasa flows, or just want to work on your core? In this 15 minute core class with Brad Terrell, we'll tone and strengthen the abs as well as obliques and spinal extensors!

  • Wrist Mobility + Grip Strength for Handstands/Arm Balances with Brad Terrell

    If you've been struggling with any wrist or hand pain due to continuous weight baring postures like handstand or arm balances, this class will help you focus on creating more mobility in your wrists and more grip to your forearms and hand muscles!