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Roxanne Gan

Roxanne Gan

Roxanne has been practicing Yoga for more than a decade and is a renowned Fitness and Yoga Instructor based in Singapore. She is the co-founder of ZOI YOGA, an online community where she shares her knowledge and passion for the practice.

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Roxanne Gan
  • Full Body Flexibility and Mobility Flow: Vinyasa with Roxanne Gan (LIVE)

    Grab a mat (and optional blocks) to flow with this 30 minute flexibility/mobility session from Roxanne Gan!

    This sequence focuses on:
    1. Stretching the lower body to release tightness in hamstrings, hip flexors, hips and quads.
    2. Improving mobility in the spine and releasing stiffness in lower ...

  • Fun Fit Flow with Roxanne Gan

    Yoga icon Roxanne Gan leads you through 30-minutes of creative, yoga-inspired, fun cardio exercises to get your heart rate up, get you sweating, and feeling great!

  • Beginner Flexibility Flow with Roxanne Gan

    This 60-minute, all-levels class is meant to increase flexibility and mobility in your shoulders, hips, and back while connecting mind and body through breath. Perfect after a long day of sitting or as a recovery flow after vigorous workout.

  • Flow into Forearm Stand with Roxanne Gan

    Yoga icon Roxanne Gan breaks down how to safely get into Forearm stand, the best ways to open your shoulders, and how to engage your core to balance and hold the posture.

  • Block Party: Core Workout with Roxanne Gan

    Not your average core blaster. This 20-minute workout uses yoga blocks and dynamic movement to activate the transverse abdominis—your deep core muscles.

  • Endurance Flow with Roxanne Gan

    In this fast-paced flow you’ll move through sun salutations interwoven with cardio bursts like lunges, frog hops, and plank work.

  • Hips and Heart Vinyasa with Roxanne Gan (LIVE)

    Flow breath to movement with Roxanne Gan as she leads us through upbeat sequences that build towards hip-opening peak postures. This is an all-levels class. Make sure you have the playlist ready before class:

    Live Class 5/21/20

  • Yoga Recovery for Athletes with Roxanne Gan

    The class your body’s been waiting for: Flow through a 60-minute sequence full of juicy stretches meant to lengthen muscles and aid in recovery with crossfitter-yogini Roxanne Gan.

  • Core for Crow Pose with Roxanne Gan

    Struggling to fly your feet in crow pose? This 20-minute session will teach you how to strengthen and activate your core muscles using both static and dynamic exercises.