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Max Lowenstein

Max Lowenstein

Breathwork Teacher. Expander. Meditation. Co-founder of How to Practice Yoga. Leading transformational experiences.

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Max Lowenstein
  • Balancing and Grounding Breathwork with Max Lowenstein

    Join HTPY co-founder Max Lowenstein in two short breathwork practices for balancing and grounding. The balancing breathwork can be used to calm your thoughts and anxiety, boost immunity, access intuition, and more! The grounding breathwork can be used if you need to feel more grounded in your lif...

  • Purify Body and Mind with Nadhi Shodhana: Pranayama with Max Lowenstein

    A deep dive behind. many of the preliminary aspects of this beneficial pranayam which reduces anxiety, increases immunity purifies the body and mind, allows us to touch the space behind the mind, and get deeper into our other practices.

  • Powerful Techniques for Breathing, Healing, Intuition with Max Lowenstein

    Three powerful techniques for breathing, one for healing, one for sports and life optimization, and one for immunity/digestion/intuition. The more often you do these throughout the day, the better!

  • How to Take Your Yoga Practice Off the Mat with Your Breath with Max Lowenstein

    Through consistency, learn to use this 2 minute practice to create space in your mind and be less reactive to daily situations. Especially practicing multiple times a day, this quick and effective technique can allow you to recall the lessons you learn on the mat and apply it to your daily life. ...

  • Quick 7 Minute Relaxation with Max Lowenstein

    This is a shortened version of Breath awareness & Yoga nidra for those who have less time, are doing this as a quick break during the day, or want to get to sleep faster. The practice starts at 1:30 if you want to jump right in!

  • Breath Awareness & Yoga Nidra with Max Lowenstein

    Cultivate and train in deeper states of relaxation so we can more easily access love and melt anxiety/tension in normal waking life. This can also be used for a deep and heavy recharge for either 15 minutes or as long as you need afterwards. NOTE: Breathe only in and out through the nose.

  • Slow Your Mind to Improve Your Life: Breathwork with Max Lowenstein

    Learn how to slow down the mind-stream so that you can be less reactive in daily situations and act from a place that is in the highest good of everyone involved while cultivating intuition, feelings of calm, and melting anxiety. This can be used as a formal practice or in daily life! NOTE: Breat...

  • Breathing for Calm with Max Lowenstein

    Join Max in this short reset, learning a breathing pattern that slows the mind, increases lung capacity, helps the body hold more oxygen, and reduces anxiety. NOTE: Breathe only in and out through the nose.

  • Breathing for Anxiety and Immunity with Max Lowenstein

    Join Max, co-founder of How to Practice Yoga for a weekly breathing practice to reset your nervous system! This will be a resonance breathing technique (6 seconds inhale and 6 seconds exhale). Resonance breathing has regulating effect on the autonomic nervous system and other key body systems suc...