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Core & Glutes

Core & Glutes

One of our most popular collections - core and glutes all day every day!

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Core & Glutes
  • Side Body Strength: YogaSculpt with Missy Fresques

    Get ready to sweat! In this 45 minute Yoga Sculpt Class with Missy Fresques, you will be guided through a series of yoga postures as well as strength-training movements to help build lean muscle. Set to an energetic and up-beat playlist, this class incorporates cardio bursts to get your heart pum...

  • Twists: Strengthen and Lengthen Series with Martina Rando

    In Martina Rando’s signature series, Strengthen and Lengthen, she combines muscle work and flexibility to get you deeper into your body. In this breath to movement flow, you’ll sweat, stretch, and find space along your spine and side bodies to prep you for deep twists. Twists are naturally detoxi...

  • Twists and Dancing Shiva: Peak Posture Series with Liz Biscevic

    Fourth class of this series of peak posture flows with Liz Biscevic! In this 35 minute class, you'll strengthen and twist, prepping for Dancing Shiva. Get ready to flow, sweat, and work on your standing balances!

  • Twist and Detox Flow with Liz Biscevic (LIVE)

    Join HTPY instructor Liz Biscevic for an invigorating 30 minute twisty-detoxifying vinyasa flow!

    Live Class 9/24/20

  • Twists: Strong and Sweaty Vinyasa with Paul Teodo (LIVE)

    A dynamic, power vinyasa class with intelligent sequencing and transitions. A great class if you're wanting to feel more empowered and confident.

    Spotify playlist options on our How to Practice Yoga Spotify:

  • Side Stretches and Twists with Melini Jesudason

    Need a little detox? This 15-minute flow focuses on lengthening the side body to better prep your body for juicy, purifying twists.

  • Get Balanced: Wrist-Free Flow with Brad Terrell

    Don’t let a wrist or upper body injury keep you from your yoga practice: This class challenges your balance both in dynamic drills and static postures and works your legs, core, and concentration. There's no high planks, ground work, or wrist and shoulder movement required, so it's perfect for an...

  • Energize: Wrist Free Flow with Brad Terrell

    Don’t let a wrist or upper body injury keep you from your yoga practice: Work your legs, core, and breath in this energizing, wrist-free workout.

  • Ground Down: Wrist Free Flow with Brad Terrell

    Don’t let a wrist or upper body injury keep you from your yoga practice: Whether you’ve had a long day at the office or spent your day running around, this 20-minute, hands-and-wrist-free flow is for you.

  • Back and Core: The Climb HIIT Series with Kate Alvarado

    Welcome to DAY 3 of our HIIT challenge with Kate Alvarado! Build strength, stability, and cardiovascular health to supplement your yoga practice with high intensity interval training. This class mixes dynamic yoga postures, cardio, and weight training with moments of pause and lots of breath.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Chakra Vinyasa Series with Andrew Sealy

    Discover your strength. Welcome to the third class of our chakra illuminating vinyasa series with Andrew Sealy! In this class we’ll explore the Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, which is located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area. The solar plexus chakra is rooted in your core, sense of power,...

  • Booty & Abs: Barre with Danielle Havens (LIVE RECORDING)


    Work on your booty and abs in this barre class (pre/post-natal friendly)! Danielle's Barre class combines a traditional approach of sustained holds & micro-movements with elements of yoga, dance, and her...

  • Strong Core: YogaSculpt with Missy Fresques

    Are you ready to sweat? In this 30 minute Abs inspired Yoga Sculpt Class with Missy Fresques, you will be guided through a series of yoga postures as well as strength-training movements to help build lean muscle. This class incorporates cardio bursts to get your heart pumping and boost your metab...

  • Abs and Core with Brad Terrell

    Want to progress in your arm balances, inversions, strong vinyasa flows, or just want to work on your core? In this 15 minute core class with Brad Terrell, we'll tone and strengthen the abs as well as obliques and spinal extensors!

  • Arm Balancing for Beginners with Brad Terrell

    Work on some beginner arm balances like L-sit and Crane with Brad! Arm balances aren't just about arm strength - core and leg strength are important components as well!

  • Core + Glutes Barre Flow with Danielle Havens

    30 Minutes of Barre Flow to target your core, glutes, and thighs! Playlist:

  • Booty Banded Barre: Glow Sculpt with Kaylie Daniels

    Grab a light/medium band, 1-3 pound weights (optional), and a stabilizing surface - and let's get to work in this 30 minute barre class with Kaylie!


  • Finding Balance: Bhakti Flow with Peter Walters (LIVE)

    Test your balance in this strong vinyasa flow with Peter Walters, tapping into your strength and humor!

  • Body Weight Abs Flow with Missy Fresques

    Join Missy Fresques in this 25 minute body weight abs flow, focusing on the strength of your core! Playlist:

  • Core and Back: Bhakti Flow with Peter Walters (LIVE)

    Join Peter in this Bhakti flow focusing on your core, twists, and back to tap into your strength and come into the present moment. End with a guided savasana to ease back into your day!

  • Hips and Core: Bhakti Flow with Peter Walters (LIVE RECORDING)

    Explore opening your hips and working on your core in this bhakti flow with Peter!

    Our evening classes are strong, playful and will be deeply felt. Classes can always be modified and adapted to fit your particular needs and energy, so take rest when you need, or pop up into a one-handed handstan...

  • Side Body Strength Body Weight Sculpt with Missy Fresques (Instagram Live)

    Join Missy in this 30 minute body weight sculpt focusing on core, obliques, glutes! Playlist:

  • Legs and Core Body Weight Glow Sculpt with Kaylie Daniels (Instagram Live)

    Enjoy this 30 minute leg & core focused bodyweight sculpt with Kaylie! Work on new dynamic movements for your strength and flexibility. Playlist:

  • Glute and Legs: Sculpt with Allison Waldbeser

    Sometimes we only have time for 20 mins of movement, and that’s all the time you need to get those endorphins pumping! Join Allison for this 20 min booty and legs focused yoga sculpt class with weights!

    Suggested weights:
    3 lbs
    5 lbs
    (Weights are always optional!)

    Make sure to save and play th...