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Feel Good Flows

Feel Good Flows

Come here for the feel good vinyasa flows!

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Feel Good Flows
  • Breathe in Love: Bhakti Vinyasa with Christine Anderson (LIVE RECORDING)

    A heart-centered practice infused with steady alignment and dynamic movement. Expect love, light and nourishment for body and soul. Flow through strong vinyasas with optional arm balances/inversions.

    [In partnership with East West Live]

  • Happy Hips Flow with Mary Ochsner

    Feeling creeky? Give your hips some love with this flowy, stretchy vinyasa flow focused on relieving tension and tightness in your lower body. You have time for this.

  • Awakening Vinyasa Flow with Allison Waldbeser

    Connect with your breath and find your power with Allison’s 20 minute vinyasa flow that will quickly open the hips and radiate love from the heart with a sweet camel pose to finish. Playlist:

  • Awakening and Strengthening Vinyasa with De'andre Sinette

    Flow to this intermediate-advanced power vinyasa by De'andre for all of your senses!

  • Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow with Missy Fresques (Instagram Live)

    Open your heart in this feel good vinyasa with Missy Fresques! Grab a towel, block, or anything else you may need.

  • Hips and Heart Vinyasa with Roxanne Gan (LIVE)

    Flow breath to movement with Roxanne Gan as she leads us through upbeat sequences that build towards hip-opening peak postures. This is an all-levels class. Make sure you have the playlist ready before class:

    Live Class 5/21/20

  • Heart Opening & Arm Balances Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy (LIVE)

    This 45 min feel good class is sequenced specifically to give you the fundamental steps to finding balance and stability on your hands. We will build strength and find length as we work our arms and open our hearts. Join Andrew Sealy in this fun balancing flow accessible to All Levels.

    Live Cla...

  • Loving Flow with Vance Vlasek (Instagram Live)

    Bring a little joy into your day with this moderate heart and hip opening flow with Vance Vlasek. Be prepared to giggle and think about Love!

    Spotify playlist:

    Live on 9/13/20

  • Joyful Yoga Flow with Andrea Bogart

    Join Andrea Bogart for a 45-min well-rounded, JOYFUL yoga flow. Let's sync our mind, body, spirit with our inner playfulness and build strength while doing it. Note: Andrea is in her first trimester of pregnancy and modifying to make this safe for her and her growing baby. It’s not suitable for t...

  • Everyday Yoga Flow with Andrea Bogart

    Join Andrea Bogart for a 45 min everyday flow! This practice inspires the simplicity of safe sequencing for a daily session, leaving you feeling motivated to do it a few times and perhaps start to feel it organically in your body that you could do it on your own. Thank you for being here! Playlis...

  • Fun and Playful Barre Flow with Danielle Havens (LIVE)

    Join Danielle in this full body fun and playful barre flow (prental friendly)! Playlist: