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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow

Turn stress into sweat with breath to movement sequences meant to challenge your body and mind.

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Vinyasa Flow
  • Stretch and Flow: Vinyasa with Allison Waldbeser

    Wind down, relax, and open your heart with a juicy wheel pose to stretch and flow. Link your breath to the movements and start your week off right!

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  • Power Up Athletic Flow: Busy, Active Lifestyle Series with Andrea Bogart

    Ready to drop into your inner athlete & that warrior state of mind? You want that lower body focus and fun repetition of some dynamic movements, this is for you. While you’ll definitely get a workout, I encourage you to work-IN. Connect deeply to your breath and let it guide you.
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  • Juicy Hips and Go: Busy, Active Lifestyle Vinyasa Series with Andrea Bogart

    This is a yummy practice incorporating hip opening postures with some challenging balance sequencing. Ground into some longer holds, smooth transitions and your dharna; that sense of concentration. Soak up 45 min of mindful movement to support your busy lifestyle.

  • Sculpt It: Busy, Active Lifestyle Vinyasa Series with Andrea Bogart

    Join Andrea for this full body flow as we use sculpting elements to get your heart rate up, while building strength and endurance. Including some strong balancing poses like bird of paradise and crow. You always have the options to modify or add intensity with any of these practices so listen to...

  • Strength and Balance: Busy, Active Lifestyle Vinyasa Series with Andrea Bogart

    The “GATE-way” to staying energized and grounded in our busy days, is having a connection to our minds and bodies. This practice will strengthen hip mobility, core stability and challenge you physically and mindfully. Incorporating balancing postures like bound half-moon and eagle (garudasana) an...

  • Quick Feel Good Flow: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

    This quick feel good flow with Andrew will get your body moving and feeling good! Try this for a warm up or cool down to your day.

  • Hips, Hamstrings & Happiness: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

    Open your hips and create length in your hamstrings in this juicy 60 minute vinyasa flow with Andrew to create more happiness in your life!

  • Moving Prayer: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

    This moving prayer class is all about bringing intention to your practice, cultivating that intention throughout your practice, and truly allowing that intention to become a prayer. Join Andrew for a 45 minute strong flow with optional arm balances/inversions!

  • Week Day Warm Up with Andrew Sealy

    Join Andrew in this 15 minute warm up before you start the day! Get your day started, body flowing, mind attuned, and spine lengthened.

  • Two Hands One Core: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

    Join Andrew in this 30 min core activation class to re-center and align! We're all about getting your core aligned so you can truly move from the center of your being. For this class, we'll get your core engaged so you can move forth into the world with conviction, sense of confidence and knowing...

  • Wake Up and Flow with Kim Colletti (LIVE)

    Wake up and flow in this 25 minute vinyasa with Kim Colletti!

  • 15 Min Pick-Me-Up Energy Flow: Vinyasa with Allison Waldbeser

    Only have 15 minutes? Join Allison in this pick-me-up energy flow whenever you need a quick boost!


  • Full Body Recovery: Mobility Flow with Hiro Landazuri

    In this 35 minute mobility class with Hiro Landazuri, breathe into your full body - great for recovery days for muscle soreness! You'll sweat, you'll move, you'll breathe, and you'll feel amazing.

  • Full Body Power Mobility Flow with Kim Colletti

    Work your full body in this 30 minute power mobility flow with Kim!

  • Cool Down Flow: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Cool Down Flow
    Join Allison for the last class of this series with a cool down flow. We'll connect with our pranayama (breath) to cultivate presence on our mat and stretch to release and open.
    Recommended props:
    Blocks (optional)

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  • Active Flow with Allison Waldbeser (LIVE)

    Join Allison in a 30 min fun, active flow to jump start your day, energize your afternoon, or for whenever you need a quick pick-me-up!

  • Inversion Vinyasa Flow with Allison Waldbeser (LIVE)

    Start your day with an invigorating inversion vinyasa flow with Allison! All levels

  • Full Body Vinyasa Flow: Nature Vinyasa Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Join Allison on your mat for a full body vinyasa flow! A few questions to think about as we end this series: What did you learn about yourself during these classes? How did you choose to breathe in the face of challenge and discomfort? By taking on new perspectives, we hope you were able to find ...

  • Balancing: Nature Vinyasa Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Sometimes life gets a little bumpy and we feel like we're only holding on by a thread. Balancing poses can feel the same way sometimes, but they're important to explore as they bring us new perspectives and teach us how to be in the present moment. Join Allison by the river as we flow on uneven t...

  • Heart Openers: Nature Vinyasa Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Juicy juicy backbends, heart openers, and spinal health! This 4th class is special because it was filmed at one of Allison's favorite beaches in Lake Tahoe. What part of the outdoors inspires you? Where do you feel the most grounded and connected? Allow this flow to shower you with love and compa...

  • Crow to Chaturanga: Nature Vinyasa Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Now that you've practiced crow pose, it's time to add a chaturanga jump back! As challenging as it may seem, we'll make sure our chaturanga basics are strong in order to have the confidence to jump back from crow. Grab your mat and join Allison outside!

  • Quick Hips and Hamstrings: Mobility Flow with Kim Colletti (LIVE)

    Work on your hips and hamstrings in this quick mobility flow with Kim Colletti!

  • Rise and Energize Vinyasa with Allison Waldbeser (LIVE)

    Rise and energize to awaken your mind, body, and soul with Allison!

  • Power To Fly - Crow: Nature Vinyasa Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Build upper body strength and learn to fly into crow pose (Bakasana) with Allison! This is a 2 part class where we will build the foundations of crow and incorporate more layers throughout our practice.