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Kim Koa

Kim Koa

Born and raised in Connecticut, attending college in Boston Massachusetts and eventually leading a life working on motor yachts in FL has been an incredible experience. Little did I know these chapters were all connected.

Everyone begins their yoga journey for different reasons, and I began it as a tool for injury recovery. As a collegiate rower, I sustained a back injury that never seemed to heal. After committing to Physical Therapy and a few cortisone shots, I was on my way to recovery but eventually hit a plateau. This led me to yoga and I immediately fell in love with the practice.

Around 2013, I became much more serious about my commitment to the practice. Not only has my back seen incredible improvement, the strength in my body and mind have grown. 

With each journey, comes a unique style of teaching. I am particularly affected by and interested in anatomy. Functional movements, assists (with students permission) and anatomical alignments is the main focus of my practice and teaching. As a community, we are all able to learn from each other’s journeys, and I continue to be open and interested in learning from all students and teaching peers. 

Everyone has their own path and process.  The best thing that people should be open to in my opinion, is using others as inspiration and information rather than comparison and judgement.

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Kim Koa