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New Classes

New Classes

Come here for the new releases!

New Classes
  • Hips, Hamstrings & Happiness: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

    Open your hips and create length in your hamstrings in this juicy 60 minute vinyasa flow with Andrew to create more happiness in your life!

  • Moving Prayer: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

    This moving prayer class is all about bringing intention to your practice, cultivating that intention throughout your practice, and truly allowing that intention to become a prayer. Join Andrew for a 45 minute strong flow with optional arm balances/inversions!

  • Wrist Activation with Andrew Sealy

    Warm up your wrists and hands for any class you'll be doing! Try out these exercises with Andrew before a wrist-heavy vinyasa or arm balance practice or do it by itself to strengthen your wrists.

  • Week Day Warm Up with Andrew Sealy

    Join Andrew in this 15 minute warm up before you start the day! Get your day started, body flowing, mind attuned, and spine lengthened.

  • Bodyweight Cardio Sculpt with Allison Waldbeser

    Bring the heart rate up and sweat it out with this killer full body bodyweight cardio sculpt with Allison! Move through this high-intensity class that combines strength training and cardio exercises to help you build lean muscle improve your cardiovascular health. Pair this with a stretch class o...

  • Two Hands One Core: Vinyasa with Andrew Sealy

    Join Andrew in this 30 min core activation class to re-center and align! We're all about getting your core aligned so you can truly move from the center of your being. For this class, we'll get your core engaged so you can move forth into the world with conviction, sense of confidence and knowing...

  • 15 Min Bodyweight Sculpt with Allison Waldbeser

    If you're short on time, but still want a sweat, join Allison for a quick 15 minute bodyweight sculpt class!


  • Wrist Mobility for Yoga, Arm Balances, Handstands with Liz Lowenstein

    Try out these wrist exercises if your wrists hurt or if you want to strengthen your wrists for your yoga practice! I do a quick version of these mobility drills before I'm on my hands to prevent injury and to warm up my wrists daily.

  • Wake Up and Flow with Kim Colletti (LIVE)

    Wake up and flow in this 25 minute vinyasa with Kim Colletti!

  • 15 Min Pick-Me-Up Energy Flow: Vinyasa with Allison Waldbeser

    Only have 15 minutes? Join Allison in this pick-me-up energy flow whenever you need a quick boost!


  • Full Body Recovery: Mobility Flow with Hiro Landazuri

    In this 35 minute mobility class with Hiro Landazuri, breathe into your full body - great for recovery days for muscle soreness! You'll sweat, you'll move, you'll breathe, and you'll feel amazing.

  • 15 Min Wrist Strength and Mobility with Kim Colletti

    Incorporate this short wrist strength and mobility class with Kim before your practice to protect and strengthen your wrists before arm balances/inversions or your general yoga practice!

  • 30 Min Yoga Sculpt with Allison Waldbeser

    30 min yoga sculpt with Allison - optional 3 lb weights!

  • Full Body Power Mobility Flow with Kim Colletti

    Work your full body in this 30 minute power mobility flow with Kim!

  • Hip Flexors and Quads: Mobility Flow with Kim Colletti

    Work on your hips flexors and quads in this mobility flow with Kim!

  • Cool Down Flow: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Cool Down Flow
    Join Allison for the last class of this series with a cool down flow. We'll connect with our pranayama (breath) to cultivate presence on our mat and stretch to release and open.
    Recommended props:
    Blocks (optional)

    Playlist for class:

  • Full Body Sculpt: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Crunching for time? Then this class is for you! Join Allison Waldbeser for a 30 min full body sculpt. Grab your light and heavy set of weights (optional), and see you on the mat!

    Playlist for class:

  • Booty and Bands: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Grab your booty bands and join Allison Waldbeser for a 30 min glute burn! By adding resistance to squats, lunges, and pulses, our legs and glutes will find that extra edge and we'll get stronger with each breath. Booty bands are not required in order to feel the benefits of this class.

    Playlist ...

  • Cardo Burst: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Cardio Burst
    Join Allison Waldbeser (@yoga.withal) for a 30 minute Cardio Burst! We'll play on the mat with jumping jacks, burpees, and more as we transition from yoga flowing to heart pumping movements.

    No weights needed.

    Playlist for class:

  • Neck and Shoulders: Mobility Flow with Kim Colletti (LIVE)

    Quick 15ish minute neck and shoulders mobility flow with Kim! Relief neck pain, tight shoulders, and more.

  • Core Burner Flow: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison Waldbeser

    It's time for abs! Join Allison Waldbeser (@yoga.withal) for a 30 min core burner flow – a mix of yoga and sculpt moves to activate your core and get your heart pumping! All you need for class is a light set of weights (3 lbs), or you can do this bodyweight.

    Playlist for class:

  • Upper Body Blast: Sculpt Strength Series with Allison Waldbeser

    Join Allison Waldbeser (@yoga.withal) for a 30 minute Upper Body Blast Sculpt! We'll target our shoulders, biceps, triceps, and trapezius muscles. All you need for class are light and heavy sets of weights (3 lbs - 5lbs), a yoga mat, and water.

    Playlist for class:

  • Glutes and Hips: Mobility Flow with Kim Colletti (LIVE)

    A quick mobility flow for your glutes and hips with Kim!

  • Active Flow with Allison Waldbeser (LIVE)

    Join Allison in a 30 min fun, active flow to jump start your day, energize your afternoon, or for whenever you need a quick pick-me-up!