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10 Day Detox Challenge

10 Day Detox Challenge

Need a cleanse and detox this holiday season? Get ready for 10 days of DETOX to strengthen your body + mind. You'll flow with some twisty vinyasa classes, sweat with some YogaSculpt and HIIT classes, and stretch with some flexibility/recovery classes. Sweat, twist, and wring your body out from all the physical and emotional toxins accrued especially during this time of year so you can enter into a new phase of your life with a clean slate, open heart, and clear mind. From clearing digestive and skin issues to mental and emotional ones, this challenge is just what you need!

Day 1: Cardio and Core with Allison
Day 2: Bhakti Vinyasa with Christine
Day 3: Full Body Sculpt with Kaylie
Day 4: Quick Core with Kim
Day 5: Bhakti Flow with Peter
Day 6: Strong Core with Missy
Day 7: Hamstrings and Hip Flexors with De'andre
Day 8: Booty and Core with Kate
Day 9: Detox and Side Crow with Liz
Day 10: Mantra Vinyasa with Vance

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10 Day Detox Challenge
  • Cardio and Core: Bodyweight Sculpt with Allison Waldbeser

    Bring your endurance to the test during this 30 minute Cardio and Core Bodyweight Sculpt! Allison mixes in yoga with cardio bursts and resistance training to keep your mind, breath, and muscles connected. Grab your mat and get ready to feel strong!

    Save the playlist for class and follow along!

  • Mindful Movement: Bhakti Vinyasa with Christine Anderson (LIVE RECORDING)

    A heart-centered practice infused with steady alignment and dynamic movement. Expect love, light and nourishment for body and soul. Flow through strong vinyasas with optional arm balances/inversions.

    [In partnership with East West Live]

  • Quick Full Body: Glow Sculpt with Kaylie Daniels

    Join Kaylie for this 20 minute quick full body sculpt! Perfect for when you're on the go - grab a block and a light set of weights and let's go!

  • Quick Core: Power Vinyasa with Kim Koa

    Ready to get a six pack? Fire up your core and join Kim in this quick but effective, 17 minute power vinyasa today! Move through dynamic poses to engage your core - try this with a longer sequence or by itself if you're short on time!

  • Power Vinyasa: Bhakti Flow with Peter Walters (LIVE)

    Heat up your yoga practice with this energizing power Bhakti flow with Peter, which focuses on engaging the core and opening up the hips and front body!

  • Strong Core: YogaSculpt with Missy Fresques

    Are you ready to sweat? In this 30 minute Abs inspired Yoga Sculpt Class with Missy Fresques, you will be guided through a series of yoga postures as well as strength-training movements to help build lean muscle. This class incorporates cardio bursts to get your heart pumping and boost your metab...

  • Hamstrings and Hip Flexors: Gentle Stretch with De'andre Sinette

    Feeling tight? De’Andre as he leads you through 20 minutes of gentle stretches for your hips and hamstrings, so whether you’ve been sitting in a chair all day or feeling sore from a previous workout, your body will thank you.

  • Booty and Core: The Climb HIIT Series with Kate Alvarado

    Welcome to DAY 4 of our HIIT challenge with Kate Alvarado! Build strength, stability, and cardiovascular health to supplement your yoga practice with high intensity interval training. This class mixes dynamic yoga postures, cardio, and weight training with moments of pause and lots of breath.

  • Detox and Side Crow: Peak Posture Series with Liz Biscevic

    Fifth and final class of this series of peak posture flows with Liz Biscevic! In this 45 minute class, you'll twist and detox, prepping for side crow. Get ready to flow, sweat, and work on your arm balances!

  • I Am Brave: Mantra Vinyasa Series with Vance Vlasek

    Flow and sweat in this first class of our mantra series with Vance Vlasek - I am Brave. Be prepared to open your heart and hips with optional arm balances in this Love centered class!