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Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa

Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa

Welcome to our 5 Part Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa! All classes will be opening the entire body, however each video does have a more specified focus that you will be targeting. Be open minded and have fun with every class! Know that you can always increase the intensity in all movements/poses and decrease the intensity depending on what your body needs; not your ego ;) (which is way harder than it seems!)

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Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa
  • Quick Hips and Hamstrings: Mobility Flow with Kim Koa (LIVE)

    Work on your hips and hamstrings in this quick mobility flow with Kim Koa!

  • Thoracic Spine and Shoulders: Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa

    In Class 1 of our Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa, we'll work on mobility movements for total body as well functional movements. In this class we will be working a lot of twists that will engage your shoulder girdle as well as movements to open up your mid and upper back. Flow into grasshopper ...

  • Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings: Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa

    This class will get your thighs burning! Be patient with the transitions and try to move with your breathe. There is emphasis on strengthening the quads and glutes as well as stretching and lengthening the lower body. You will be challenged with standing postures after fatiguing your muscles so b...

  • Low Back and Low Body: Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa

    With focus on the lower back, class 3 of our series with Kim will also target the hips, glutes and hamstrings to assist in the back opening. Allow yourself to move methodically and with patience. Control your breath and mind to challenge your body in this sequence. Optional handstand practice!

  • Backbends and Quad Openers: Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa

    Although this is a full body flow, you will find more options to create extension in your spine with backbends and deeper quad variations. Remember less is more sometimes. Be intuitive with your movements and poses.

  • Balancing and Inversions: Power Vinyasa Series with Kim Koa

    Challenge yourself with an option for a funky inversion and get strong with the balancing postures! This class is very strength oriented but you will have plenty of time to open up your obliques, shoulders, hips and hamstrings!